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china class kouryukai1

Social event of Chinese class

We, Chinese class, had a social event on December 21 (Thu)

We invited 6 Chinese students who live in Aoba Ward.  We listened to Chinese geography, history, and culture.  We introduced ourselves in Chinese we have studied so far. We enjoyed exchange event in a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere


8th lecture on overseas affairs, “Far East Russia”

Date: October 21 (Sun), 2018

Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room 5

Far east Russia is located in short distance from Japan, but not well known to most of Japanese due to lack of information.

Though recent news say that Russian government is making big effort to social and economic development of this area and this area is developing rapidly, the detail is not clear yet.  Most of Japanese have few chances to take an interest and to recognize it as a neighbor country.

In this lecture, we invited Mr. Tosiji Maeda who worked many years in Russia as an expat worker of a trading company and is now promoting the exchange of economy and culture between Japan and Russia.

In this lecture, he told us the history of Russia, relation with Japan, the feeling of Russian people about Japan, and the situation of the far east Russia.  

This was a good chance to know far east Russia.

58 members including class mates, their children, and volunteers visited the museum on October 24 (Wed).                                                                   

Impression of Mr. Fletcher Joshua Hikaru

Various technologies of 21th Century were exhibited at Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum.

We looked at the exhibitions and spent fun time trying the experiencing system.  The most impressive exhibition was

the information such as the history of a submersible research vehicle and the present status of development.

Other exhibitions were MRJ jet plane, a rocket engine, and a future transportation vehicle. There also was detail information about measures 

against global warming and about renewable energy. It was a fun day for me to study going out of the usual class room. What kind of technologies

will be developed in next 10, 20 years? Studying these recent technologies, I realized the importance of supporting technology development for the future.

                                                                                                                                         水曜クラス    フレッチャー、ジョシュア光



Introductory event of Japanese culture for foreigners
“Classical Japanese Dance and Tea Ceremony”

Date: Dec.2 (Sun) from 2pm to 4pm
Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center
Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

We had Introductory Event of “Japanese culture for foreigners” to give a chance to foreign residents to contact Japanese culture.
We had 24 foreign residents to experience Japanese culture such as studying how to use a Japanese fan, dancing together in a ring, studying the manner of tea ceremony and enjoying Matcha, green powdered tea, prepared by oneself with a Japanese cake.

At the end of the event there was a chance to put on the Kimono for Japanese classical dance exhibited by the teacher and to take a picture. At Q & A time, there were many detailed questions about tea ceremony performance and tea-sets.
We enjoyed the event in a friendly and calm atmosphere.

Tokyo Institute of Technology students from Indonesia played Angklung, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia, on the stage of Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Festival on November 23, 2018. 
 They played three songs, Doraemon, I have a dream, and Cofee lumba.
After the programed performance, Japanese audience had chance to practice Angklung and played “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and“The song of Do-Re-Me” together.
Click the illistratio of song, you can watch a  Video clip of Angklung performance.
STAND BY ME Doraemon


I have a dream (Westfile)


Cofee lumba.


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (practice)


The song of Do-Re-Me (practice)


Every year, half of the students are new members. Some students study Angklung in Japan for the first time. 

Indonesian heritage is passed down to younger generation even in Japan. 
2018 Japanese speech event by Japanese learners of Japanese class was held at Yamauchi Community Center in Azamino on November 11.
13 students from 5 countries participated.. 
We also enjoyed Fula dance by the members of “KAIMANAHILA”.
Co-host: Aoba Ward Office, Yokohama City
     :Yokohama City, Yamauchi Community Center 
Please click the picture of a performer, then you can watch Video clip of the speech. 
1 Deng Dian[China]  Deng Dia   (staying in Japan for 3 years and 10 months) 
“Heaven for singles”
I think foreign people feel that Japan is the easy place for singles to live. 
In China, it is common to move in groups.  
 However, I learned that business for singles is thriving in Japan.  I will talk about it.  

Children presented the accomplishments of daily hard works at the class, what they were interested in,

and pieces of their work which they wanted to be seen.  

It started with self-introduction of each child and the song “If you are happy and you know it” by early elementary children. 

Then followed quizzes about animals and insects, poetry reading, and speeches. 

 The children’s families attended the event together. 

 After the presentation, they all spent a joyful time playing paper-rock-scissors game and eating snacks. 



67th Afternoon tea

“Invitation to French cuisine culture”

Date: October 27(Sat), 2018 from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross- Cultural Center Room 5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Guest speaker: Ms. Benedicte Mehl

Ms. Benedicte Mehl came to Japan in 1994 and worked for a food and beverage company. Realizing her dream to teach French home cuisine which was one of her good memories of her childhood, she opened her own atelier and has been holding many lectures such as French home cuisine, gastronomy, table manner, and gourmet tour.

On October 27 (Sat), it turned out to be a very fine day though the weather forecast said it would be a rainy day and 66 people including 14 staffs attended the lecture.

“French cuisine culture” declared as “world intangible heritage” in 2010 is of strong interest for Japanese people and attendants listened eagerly to the lecture of Ms. Venedicte Mehl. 

  After her self-introduction, she made her presentation of “French meals of a day”, “preparation of meals — welcome to French kitchen”, “table coordination and table manner”, and “recent popular food concept” in fluent Japanese, using screen images and exhibited materials.

At quiz time, some answers were different from our understanding, which made us surprised and impressed. 

At tea time, typical French cake “gateau chocolat” made by Ms. Benedicte Mehl was served and we all enjoyed the delicious taste.

At Q & A time, though there were some difficult questions, 2 hours had passed very quickly in warm atmosphere. 

We were impressed by the depth of French cuisine culture and could understand the food custom at French family and importance of it.

We appreciate all participants.


“Tasty summer” Enjoy making Wagashi, Japanese style cake, with parents and children.

Date: August 25 (Sat), 2018 from 1pm to 2:30pm
Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center, Room 2 and 3.
Participants: 5 foreign families (Poland, Italy, China, and India)
13 Japanese families
Total 38 people and 13 staffs

We enjoyed making “Rakugan”, a hard, dainty sweet made of soybean and rice flour mixed with sugar, instructed by Ms. Atsuko Nanjo, the head of “Han nari Wagashi Lab”
One high school senior student voluntarily helped us as one of staffs.
We made four kinds of Rakugan dough, coffee-milk taste, Culpis taste, Maccha taste, and peach taste. Then we put them into wood molds of many shapes. .
Since making Rakugan needs lots of finger power, we first anticipated that this might be a little difficult for children. But they all, both adults and children, worked very hard and enjoyed making one’s own cakes.
We planned to have time to taste cakes at the tea service corner, but most of them took the cakes back home wrapping beautifully as a present.
This event seemed to be a last good memory in this summer.


AT66 01

66th Afternoon tea

The emerald of Europe, “Slovenia”

Date: July 21 (Sat), 2018 from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room 5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Guest speaker: Mr. Matej  Sagmeister

Mr. Matej  Sagmeister came to Japan in 1999.  He is teaching at a dance school in Tokyo while he appears on the nationwide stage shows.  In 2011 he established “Z-star Motion Co. LTD” to broaden his activity.  Now he is mainly teaching the joy of expressing oneself to music and rhythm and also the exercise to move the body easily.

We had 66th afternoon tea, “the emerald of Europe, Slovenia” on July 21(Sat). 

Many people attended the event despite of extreme heat. 

The guest speaker was Mr. Matej Sagmeister from Slovenia. 

Slovenia became independent from Yugoslavia in 1991. Slovenia is surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia and is as large as Shikoku island.  The area facing to Adriatic sea is a resort area, the mountain side close to Austria is a winter sport area, and the inland area connected to Croatia is Karst which is the origin of the word karst.  Slovenia is a treasure house of calcareous caves.  Slovenia is a beautiful country surrounded by emeraldine lakes and forests.

Mr. Jatej had never eaten fast foods until he became an adult.  He grew up going out to get mushrooms with families and eating house made yogurt and hum.  He had healthy life!  Honey is also an important food.  Elan ski is famous too.

He showed us many pictures; so many participants told us that they wanted to visit Slovenia. 

At tea time, Slovenian fragrant linden tea was served and we all enjoyed it.


IMG 0787

Lecture in plain English No. 19

  “Let’s study about Muslim religion”

Speaker: Mr. Mohammad Ali Bastami

Date: July 1(Sun) from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Yokohama Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room 5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

What image do you have about Muslim religion?

Is your vague image or understanding about Muslim religion correct?

In Lecture in plain English No. 19, we invited Mr. Bastami from Iran to tell us about Muslim religion which we don’t know well or may have misunderstanding images.

In the lecture, he first told us about the origin of Muslim religion, religious principle, and peoples ‘daily customs relating to the religion. Then he told us about where prejudice and misunderstanding which connect world conflicts and terrorism to Muslims and Muslim religion come from.

There were many questions from listeners, which Mr. Bastami answered very politely one by one. So most of listeners could improve their understanding about Muslim religion and satisfied by the lecture.

For future events, click here (in Japanese)


Lecture in plain English No.18

English conversation skill up lesson by Mr. Takahashi No.6

”English expression to make good human relation”

Date: May 19 (Sat), 2018, from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross Cultural Center Room 5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

This was the very popular lesson by Mr. Takahashi of Toyo Eiwa University which has been held for last 6 years. This lecture was held with many participants as usual.

The title of the lesson was “English expression to make good human relation”. He told us whether our daily English expression is suitable for the listener’s social status and age. He also told us the case we might be using impolite expressions for lack of knowledge. We learned high quality, grown-up expressions taking into account human relations. The lecture was participatory approach type. We felt two hour lesson was very short. A sequel lecture will be held on November 10 (Sat). Please join us to the next lesson.

For future events (in Japanese), please check here.

Though it was raining, 42 people including classmates, their families, and volunteers participated.

We got on the boat at Hinode pier and got off at Asakusa. Then we walked to Sensoji temple through Kaminarimon gate and Nakamise street. 

Mr. Jun interviewed three students, Ms. Chang-in, Ms. Kotsuki, and Mr. Javier.   Please see the video of the interview. (Please click the picture, then you can see the video.)

Here is the impression of Mr Jun, the interviewer.


I am Jun.  I came to Japan from Korea in October two years ago.  I have been studying Japanese from Ms. Chiba at Aoba International Lounge for almost one year and half.  This was the first experience for me join this kind of event.  It was really fun getting on a boat and praying at a temple.   It made me more impressive to have interviewed three classmates, Ms Chan-in, Ms.Kotsuki, and Mr. Javier.  I cannot use a humble form and courteous form appropriately yet. So I want study Japanese more so that I can speak Japanese fluently.

I appreciate for inviting me to such a wonderful event.


KoryuKai SAT 20180623

junchanin 20180623  junkotsuki 20180623junhaviel 20180623




20 people including classmates, their families, and volunteers participated.  2018.3.4 




IMG 1461

One day introductory class of world languages 

The second lecture, “Spanish”

Date: March 24 (Sat) from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room 5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Participants: 44

Lecturer: Ms. Carmen Yoshioka (from Spain)

This was “One day introductory class of world languages” to introduce world languages that are the entrance to international exchange and understanding of different cultures.

We chose “Spanish” for 2nd lecture.

We invited Ms. Carmen Yoshioka from Spain as a lecturer.  She gave us a fabulous lesson of Spanish starting from the origin of Spanish, alphabet, greetings, and conversation mixing quizzes. Many attendants left comments that they could learn a lot and they enjoyed fun time. We are planning to host lectures to introduce many foreign languages and touch the cultures and histories of the countries where people speak the languages.

This the picture of a Buddhist statue carved by Mr. Zhang Hangtian who told us his wish to be a Miyadaiku, a carpenter specializing in temple and shrine construction, in 2017 Japanese speech convention.
A letter from Mr. Zhang Hangtian
I have been studying carving of Buddhist statues since last April. At the beginning, I just wanted to touch Japanese traditional culture and chose this course.  Soon after I started studying, I was fascinated with it.  In last one year, I made eight sculptures such as a head of Buddha and Nyorai rituzou (Tathagata statue).  In carving a three dimensional stature, it is very hard to correct a mistake. This is the big difference form painting which I have been learning since I was a child.  Unless an auxiliary line which was erased by carving is rewritten, the body balance, curve line and thickness end us differently.  So it is a time consuming work to repeat carving along an auxiliary line and write it again.  As for a carving knife, I need to train hard, if not, it is not only difficult to carve, but also dangerous.  But when I could overcome difficulties and became more skillful after repeated hard works, I was fully satisfied with the good works I could accomplish.  I am very proud of myself to be a youngster who inherits traditional culture.   I will continue my effort to study carving Buddhist statues.  I also want to have chance to contact with people who have interest in traditional culture.  Best regards!
Please click his picture, then you can watch Video clip of his speech in 2017Japanese speech convention.
Mr. Zhang is studying traditional architecture at Sado college of traditional culture, environment and welfare for three years from April, 2018.  
The Saturday Japanese class had a social event.  33 people including class mates, their families, and volunteers participated. 
We enjoyed watching various Hina dolls and wearing a traditional Japanese kimono coat, the Haori, with the help of the kimono club members. 
We also enjoyed tea at the tea ceremony house,.
Students’ impression
Hu Yue   (China)
Tsuzuki Minka-en was a very big old house. It’s very thick straw roof was impressive. Inside the house we could see many tools in Edo era and Hina dolls and hanging dolls from the Meiji era to the Heisei era. 
We could feel deep love of parents who made those dolls putting their love in each stitch. I was really impressed.
In addition, I could experience formal Japanese tea ceremony.  I was calmed down in the simple but elegant atmosphere though sitting with my legs folded under me was hard for me.  
I found the beauty of Japanese traditional culture through Hina doll festival and tea ceremony.
This was a wonderful experience for us from foreign countries. 


65th Afternoon tea
“My Ghana, my Japan”

Date: February 24 (Sat), 2018 from 2pm to 4pm
Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room 5
Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Guest speaker: Mr. Tony Justice (from Ghana)

Mr. Tony Justice came to Japan in 1991. He established African Heritage Committee in 2015 and assumed the position of general manager. He has been engaging in the activity to enhance the friendship between Japan and Africa. They made dining rooms for children in Sagamihara and Aobadai to provide free meals, together with chances to experience different cultures such as African drum and to study English lesson.

On February 24 (Sat), we invited Mr. Tony Justice as a guest speaker. He told us about the history, culture and daily life in Ghana. He also told us about his friendship activity and his dream for the future. 47 people (including 5 children), three invited guests and staffs filled up the room.

For most of us, what we knew about Ghana was chocolate, and Dr. Hideo Noguchi who studied yellow fever there. But through his easy and gentle lecture, we got to know the daily life, foods, history, and interesting cultures of Ghana.
Especially it was surprising for us to know that they use various kinds of coffins depending upon the disposition and tastes of the dead. After the lecture, we admired greatly to his effort for children of both Japan and Africa and understood the importance of his activity.
His lecture was easy to understand and full of interesting topics, as the result we felt a distant country Ghana much closer.

After the tea break, he answered to our questions gently and at the end we all enjoyed the session of African drum and maracas. Participation of children in drum part of the session added great fun for all of us.
Many attendants left words such as “It was fun” and “It was interesting”.
We appreciate your participation.



2018 New Year Event

Annual “New Year Event” was held.

Date: January 7 (Sun) from 10:30am to noon

Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

We had annual “New Year Event 2018” on January 7 (Sun) as the first event of Yokohama Aoba International Lounge. Though it was on the middle day of three consecutive holidays, 80 people including foreigners, local residents and staffs gathered and had a lively party. New year decorations including brush writing of the kanji character of the year were displayed in the room, which enhanced the mood of new year celebration. As a mini event, Yokohama Accordion Club members played “Soushunfu, Ode to early spring”, and “Miagetegoran yoruno hoshiwo, Look up to see the night stars” and we all sang together to it. Then we enjoyed a quiz to answer names of Japanese folk songs.

We also experienced Iranian dance instructed by Sia, a teacher of a foreign language class of the lounge. First Sia instructed the dance in plain English, then, we all danced together to Iranian music. After the event, we had joyful conversation over snacks, sushi, and drinks. Many participants told us that it was really fun. Thank you very much for your participation.