Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Lecture in plain English, No. 22

Mr. Takahashi’s English Conversation “Skill Up” Lecture No. 8

“Talking about yourself in English ~How to give a self-introduction~”

Lecturer: Mr. Motoharu Takahashi (from Toyo Eiwa University)

Date: 6 July 2019 (Sat), 2PM to 4PM

Location: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center

Number of Participants: 42

What do we talk about the most when given the chance to speak in English? 

Perhaps it would be about ourselves?

During the 8th session in Mr. Takahashi’s English Conversation “Skill Up” Lecture series, titled “Talking about yourself in English ~How to give a self-introduction~”,  participants learned how to express certain things in English, how to continue a conversation, and also how to best promote themselves and leave a memorable impression on others when giving a self-introduction.

In the second part after the break, everyone watched a segment from an American TV audition program. The segment featured Japanese comedian Yuriyan Retriever. While watching, participants studied Yuriyan’s witty responses in English and her way of appealing to the audience. Her jokes were also explained, and Yuriyan’s ability to freely use English to take on a more global challenge further motivated the participants in their studies.

If you have a chance, please check out Yuriyan’s segment on YouTube.

Mr. Takahashi’s English Conversation “Skill Up” Lectures always touch upon important points in a fun, creative, and efficient way. We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of lecture is coming next.

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Lecture in plain English No.18

English conversation skill up lesson by Mr. Takahashi No.6

”English expression to make good human relation”

Date: May 19 (Sat), 2018, from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross Cultural Center Room 5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

This was the very popular lesson by Mr. Takahashi of Toyo Eiwa University which has been held for last 6 years. This lecture was held with many participants as usual.

The title of the lesson was “English expression to make good human relation”. He told us whether our daily English expression is suitable for the listener’s social status and age. He also told us the case we might be using impolite expressions for lack of knowledge. We learned high quality, grown-up expressions taking into account human relations. The lecture was participatory approach type. We felt two hour lesson was very short. A sequel lecture will be held on November 10 (Sat). Please join us to the next lesson.

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16th Lecture in plain English

 “The history and Culture of République du Mali which is full of art”

Date: September 23 (Sat) from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

16th Lecture in plain English was held inviting Mr. Osman, Mr. Nomuko from Republic of Mari and Dr. Ba-Konare who is in Paris and linked by Skype as .guest speakers. 

Mr. Ba-Abu from Senegal, which locates next to Mali, moderated the lecture.

In part 1, Mr. Osman told us the history, myth, and culture of Mali which was the center of ancient culture in northern Africa and gave birth to many myths, showing power-pont slides. .

  • In part 2, Dr. Ba-Konare joined from Paris by Skype and told us the confusion of multiethnic nation Mali, present status and problems of Mali which is plunginginto civil war

The attendees of the lecture should be surprised of rich historical culture and art, and at the same time this was a good chance to understood the present status and problems of the country which creates refugees

We apologize that Dr. Ba-Konare could not come but joined only by Skype and also the delay of our schedule due to the delay of the start.

IMG 0621

Lecture in plain English No.14  “Syria at present”

Date: November 6 (Sun) from 2 to 4 pm
Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center room No. 5
Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

We had Mr. Hussam and Mr. Imaad as lecturers of “Lecture in plain English”.
The title was “Syria at present”.
Part 1: History and culture of Syria
The presentation was about the history and culture of Syria in Middle East which has long history and many world heritages, however it is not well known in Japan.
Part 2: Civil war and refugee problem in Syria
They talked about Syrian civil war and more than 5 million refugees. Also the hard reality was shown using the video broadcasted at NHK and slides.
Part 3: What can we do now?
Mr. Hussam presented us his activity to support Syrian refugees, which gave us a chance to think about what is necessary for those refugees and how we Japanese can support.
Their presentation using many images helped us to understand the Syrian civil war and refugee problem which newspapers and TV report almost every day.
The presentation about the present status of Syria and refugee problem by Syrian lecturers surprised us and gave us a chance to think what we can do for this problem.



IMG 0293

Discussion in Plain English No.38
Date: June 5 (Sun) from 2pm to 4pm
Place; Aoba Community and Cross Cultural Center Rm5
Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge
Subject: “Good Technique to study English”
Guest speakers
  Ms.Angie Nagam
                                              Mr.Mike Graff
We had two teachers of English conversation class of our lounge.   They told us technique of improving English conversation skill which they derived from their long experience of teaching English conversation to Japanese.  After the presentation, we had discussion about it.
Ms. Angie suggested us to broaden the conversation by picking up a theme related to one’s hobby so that one can enjoy talking.  
Mr. Mike suggested us to look at the mouth of a native speaker carefully while speaking and imitate it since English pronunciation is difficult for Japanese.  It is important to repeat it and remember.
Though the techniques that two speakers told us seemed to be simple, they were sobering points for those who are learning English conversation.


We had Prof. Motoharu Takahashi of Toyo Eiwa University, whose lecture has excellent reputation every year.
He made a lecture about daily life expression in plain English useful for international exchange.
Date; July 5 (Sun), 2015 from 2pm to 4pm
Place; Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center
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Date : October 5 (Sunday) 
From 2pm to 4pm
Speaker: Ms. Aleisha Riboldi (from Autralia)
Ms.Aleisha gave us a lecture on water from various aspects showing many slides. We all enjoyed her speech which included fill-in-the-blanks quiz to complete proverbs which use the word "WATER" both in English and in Japanese, and many pictures of Nigagara Falls, Great Barrier Reef, Ogasawa Islands, Antarctic iceberg and many other places with water. In the Q and A session, we had lively exchange of opinions and questions. For more detail, click here.

Discussion in plain English No.34
1. Speaker: Mr. Maso Beninger (from USA) 
He came across Nintendo game when he was a child.  Since then, he has been fascinated with various Japanese games and Animations.  He gave us a presentation about charming feature of Japanese games and animations and how they are accepted in USA.
2. Speaker; Mr. Arfin Ritonga (from Indonesia) 
He gave us his suggestion that we have to break out from Galapagos syndrome by respecting diversity.  After the speech, vigorous questioning and discussion were held.

003How to express this in English? -continued

~ Approach to natural English expression ~






Date: Feb. 16 (Sun), 2014 from 2pm to 4 pm.

Place: Room No 5 of Aoba Residents' Exchange Center (Kumin Kohryu Center)

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Lecturer: Motoharu Takahashi

Professor, Toyo Eiwa University

Message from the lecturer:

When we speak or write in English, we tend to do direct translation from Japanese to English. However we often experience difficulity when we can't find a corresponding English word or expression. In such a case, you can express it in idiomatic English using basic words without difficulty by changing your way of thinking . In this lecture, 1. present status of English education in Japan, 2. real usage of words and experssions in English speaking countries will be presented. After that, I would like to discuss a different approach to natural English expression using the words you studied at junior high school.