The 10th Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Festival

Aoba International Lounge joined to the festival.
(November 23: Labor Thanksgiving Day)

Participants from the world:
Students from Indonesia played bamboo instrument.
We enjoyed mysterious sound of Russian music instrument, Matryomin,
gorgeous dance by a female dancer from Republic of Belarusk,
subtle and profound play of Koto and Origami class from Japan,
magic trick show, and exhibition of pictures by world children.
The festival was very successful.  

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Date: March14 (Sat) 2015 from 2pm to 4pm            
Speaker: Ms. Oksana Piskunova            
25 people attended and learned how to read Russian alphabet characters, simple words and greeting sentences..            
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There were many fun events such as international exchanges, presentations by activity groups, and community exchange activities. The 9th Community and Cross-Cultural Center Festival was held and lots of people gathered. Many fun events hosted by Aoba International Lounge under the theme of  "International Exchange and Understanding with each other from each nations and community".

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