Information about daily living,administrative services, emergency and consultation contacts neccesary for new -comers,available in 6 languges:English,Chinese,

Korean, Spanish,Tagalog and easy Japanese.


Information about school enroll
-ment procedures and instructive
guides for foreign children and
their guardians, available in 6 
languages :English,Chinese,
Korean,Spanish,Tagalog and
easy Japanese.


The Lounge publication issued
3 times a year about event
reports, useful info for foreign
people and newly-arrival books,
available in Japanese.  


Information about health and
welfare from Aoba Public
Health and Welfare Center 
available in 5 languages:




Information about disaster
preparedness and disaster
risk reduction in foreign


"Aoba Information" is translated
articles that are selected from
monthly ward newsletter 
available in 3 languages:
English, Chinese(sinplified and
traditional ), Korean.


Radiocasting about selected
information from Aoba Ward
Newsletter availabel in 5
languages:English, Chinese,
Korean, Spanish, Tagalog.


Link page to search useful
daily information


Corner library  of books,
magazines  and materials 
you can borrow books
after registration.