The 56th afternoon tea
  ”The Charm of Andalusia”
Date February 28 (Sat) 2015. from 2pm to 4pm
Place; Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center, Room No.5
Host; Yokohama Aoba International Lounge
Guest speaker; Mr. Solano Gualan Miguel; He was born in Malaga and grew up in Marbella, Spain.  He came to Japan in 2007 and is now a professional juggler and a circus performer.  He formed “YUMIRKO” with Ms. Yumiko in 2011 and has been performing in various shows.   
In the 56th afternoon tea, we had Mr. Miguel from Malaga Spain and he told us “the Charm of Andalusia”. Since the topic was about popular Spain, the room was fully attended by 51 attendants and 14 staffs.  He told us about foods, culture and sightseeing spots of Andalusia, one of most charming places in Spain, the country of passion.  He showed us many slides to explain the charm and we were all very satisfied.  During break time, we enjoyed Spanish sweets.   After the break, we were excited to see the professional performance by Mr. Miguel.   At the end, the room was filled with cheers and applause in fun atmosphere.  After the meeting, many attendants gave us their appreciation for the event.    We were very happy.  Gracias!
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