Spanish connects the world”---A talk about countries where Spanish is spoken---
Date: November 8th (Sat), 2014 from 2pm to 4pm
Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Room No 5
Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge
Guest speaker; Mr. Morales Jaime from La Pas Bolivia, a former journalist, Director of Centro Cultural Latino Americano Yokohama 
He has 22 year’s career as a lecturer at JICA, universities, and private companies. 
He is now Director of Centro Cultural Latino Americano Yokohama and a lecturer of Spanish at Depart of Language Study, Teikyo University. 
Mr. Morales Jaime gave us a lecture titled “Spanish connects the world” which was about the countries where Spanish is spoken, .  Bolivia has one of most beautiful lakes of the world, Salar de Uyuni.              The capital La Paz is at 3600m elevation which is as high as the summit of Mt. Fuji. Mr. Morales was born in La Paz and used to play soccer there.  Isn’t it surprising to play soccer in such high altitude?  He talked us many interesting stories of Bolivia and also of the countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Mexico and Paraguay where he worked as a journalist. He also showed us many pictures of these countries. 
These countries are multiethnic nations and have multiple languages, but primary language is Spanish.  Spanish in these countries differs slightly according to area.  The life of the people in majestic nature was very interesting.  He also told us that the pronunciation of Spanish is similar to that of Japanese; therefore it should be easy for Japanese to speak Spanish. 
There were many questions from audience about Bolivian geography, agriculture, sightseeing, and also Spanish.  Mr. Morales politely answered to every question. 
Mr. Morales read a report of Mother Teresa when he was young and realized that soul is important, not money.  After that he changed his university major from economics to journalism and kept it in his mind throughout this career as a journalist.  We could feel his warm personality throughout the presentation.  35 attendees and 13 staffs were all excited.    
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