a ilst005English Class B


Ms. Lona Nakada


From Lorna
I've been learning English for so long ,but still can't speak well" is what some people I meet would say・Teaching young and old for over a decade ,I always say to my students to"Speak up" "use your mouth". But in real everyday life chances of using the language is not many. Aoba International lounge offers the place that gives chances to people in learning、using not only English but other languages as well. Increasing wonderful places like the lounge will give more chances for the people to get in touch with foreign people wherein they can get more chances of using foreign languages they learned and speak.Time flies so fast and can't believe myself I am living here in Aoba-ku for nearly 30 years. Born in the Philippines, having .a family in the US, and been living in Japan longer than anywhere else makes me confused of my own identity sometimes. Knowing no Japanese at all when I come here ,it was really a challenge till I was able to communicate in Japanese. Thanks to my merry, cheerful nature ,not ashamed to approach people, and thinks you learn from mistakes. The same with English.no one can do perfectly at firs, gradually, step by step but most importantly "Speak up "I love to swim, going for a drive, travel when have the chance, watch movies on my free time.
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