2013 Japanese speech convention by foreigners studying Japanese       2013.11.17

Place: The meeting room on the 4th floor of Aoba Ward Office

 Co-host: Aoba Ward Office, Yokohama City

Annual Japanese Speech Contest was held at Aoba Ward Office meeting room.  11 people studying at Japanese classes and supplemental classes for children participated at the contest.  The topics were about their countries, difference between their countries and Japan, and what they felt after they started living in Japan.

Tat Shibata (Thailand)

“My favorites”

He talked about his favorite things such as Shinkansen, ships, insects, and Gundam.  He also showed us Origami he made and pictures he painted.

Ms. Xiao Hongjie (China)

“Things I wondered when I came to Japan.”

She talked how she was surprised to see girls in miniskirt and how she gradually became possible to eat something such as Sushi that she couldn’t eat at the beginning.

Mr. Lee Chang Jung (Korea)

“Living experience in Japan”

He talked about his experience when he went camping with his family in summer vacation.  He told us humorously his experience of eating grilled beef and of swimming in the sea and made us laugh. 

Mr. Takaryu Saitou (China)

“My school life”

He talked about his friends and teachers both in China and in Japan. He also talked his strong wish to study and to play volleyball in his solid Japanese.

Ms. Kurudi (Indonesia)

“Cultural difference between Indonesia and Japan”

She told us how to name a baby in Indonesia.  She also told us that she often encountered inconvenience in Japan because they don’t have family name in Indonesia.

Ms. Yao Dongqing (China)

“I and Japan”

She told us the motivator for her to like Japan was Anime and she started to like more after she came to live in Japan. 

Ms. Ha Phon Thuy (Vietnam)

“About Hanoi”

She talked about Vietnamese foods, introduced us ao dai (She was in a beautiful ao dai.), also told us the myth concerning the lake in Hanoi using pictures. 

Mr. Wishwesh Bandya (India)

“Experience of travel in Japan”

She talked about her family and about the travel with her family.  Her speech about hard experience of climbing Mt. Fuji was very impressive.

Mr. Kyle Nishida (Philippines)

“Philippines and Japan”

He humorously told us that mass class was more difficult in Japan, but as for speaking English, students in Philippines were far better.

Ms. Cheng Yi (China)

"My son"

She told us about the growth of her cute son with full of her love.  It really was a speech of a mother.

Ms. Ceng Lijie (China)

"My life in Japan"

She told us that Japanese cuisine was a little bit too sweet for one from Sichuan province.  She also told us that the sky in Japan is very beautiful.

  The host

  Aoba Ward Mayer

  Mr. Masahiko Tokue

 Attraction    Grass whistle

 Grass whistler

  Mr. Tengu Shibata


*  Voice of audience

・  I was surprised that all speakers were so good despite of the difficulty of Japanese.

・  I was very grad to know that all of you were studying Japanese very hard.

・  I was impressed that you were studying very hard placing importance on your own culture and customs.

              ・ I was pleased to hear their saying “I love Japan”.

・  The host did a great job and I enjoyed it.

                 ・ It was nice to have a rare chance of listening to grass whistle.