guenrina.phBoucher Durand Gwenlyna【France】(1 year, 10 months in Japan)
Land of Megaliths”     9:27

I will talk about megaliths that were made about 7000 years ago. In Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, there are a group of megaliths about 2 to 3 meters in height called menhir. There are also dolmen, which are giant stones combined to create building-like structures. We can only wonder how and why ancient people piled several tons of these stones many meters high. There are many things about this topic to keep us interested.
Michal Kowalek【Canada】(6 years, 6 months in Japan)
Photography Journey”     5:24

Photography is my hobby. I started when I received my first camera from my father 15 years ago. The first photograph that I took was of the flowers and trees next to my house. After that, I began taking photos of cosplayers I met at anime conventions and of scenery in different places around the world. Today, I will talk about my photography journey.
 Janice Ang Sze Foong【Malaysia】(6 years in Japan)
Malaysia’s Mid-Autumn Festival"       6:34

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Malaysia, also called the “Mooncake and Lantern Carnival,” is widely popular among Malaysians. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets are bustling and decorated beautifully with multicolored lanterns. We give family and friends mooncakes as gifts, and we gather with family and talk over a delicious meal. TRANG NHUNG【Vietnam】 (2 years in Japan)
Things I’ve learned since coming to Japan"         6:12

I came from Vietnam and I’m learning different things every day. Saving money, telling others how I feel, love for my homeland, how to prioritize tasks at work, how to gain confidence by going out with a good appearance, and other things. I want to study Japanese even more and become a person who can successfully connect Vietnam and Japan.
Wang Lin 【China】(7 years, 6 months in Japan)
Traditional Festivals in Japan and China”       7:01

Japan and China have many festivals that are similar. Although they may seem similar, there are also some differences. For example, in Japan, mochi is eaten during the New Year, but in China, we eat gyoza. Other than that, there are several other festivals that are held on the same day with slight differences. I think it’s interesting that Japan and China have had deep ties for a long time.
Dong Ngoc Han【Vietnam】(2 years, 2 months in Japan)
The Voice Within”         7:24

Everyone has feelings of fear and anxiety. Today, I will talk about experiences where I was scared and troubled, what I did, how I understood, and how I got rid of those feelings. Please listen to my inner voice.

Garcia Gonzalez Lorena【Mexico(3 years in Japan)

Mexican Culture, Day of the Dead”  online       9:22
I will talk about Mexican culture. First, I will introduce Day of the Dead, which is like Obon in Japan. Second, I will explain about mole poblano and chiles en nogada, which are dishes that represent my home. Finally, I will talk about Mexican party culture.
Xiao Zhuyin 【Taiwan】 (2 years, 5 months in Japan)
〇〇festival/day: Differences between Japan and Taiwan     online        7:14

The Dragon Boat Festival started long ago in China, and I will talk about it in Taiwan and Japan. When I was a child, I remember having fun watching a boat race with my family during the Dragon Boat Festival. I was very surprised when I found out that Children’s Day in Japan was the same as the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan. I was also surprised to find out that the rice dumplings we eat in Taiwan during the Dragon Boat Festival can also be found in many varieties in Japan, too.

Mr. Shohei Yoshida, Professor at Yokohama National University


The first instructor for the introductory Japanese course at the lounge 14 years ago (2007)

Mr. Akio Ozawa, Aoba Ward Mayor

There are 4,400 foreign residents living in Aoba Ward