Japanese people are familiar with some of the works, but are not familiar with others. The 5 participants were able to show their interest in the books they chose by presenting details and their thoughts in fluent Japanese. Their presentations attracted participants both on-site and online to participate in a lively question and answer session.

Nowadays, time flies and there is little time to read for leisure. Elementary school students all the way up to university and even working adults read books for “function” (motivation from necessity), but find it difficult to make time to read their favorite books.

This bibliobattle was a good opportunity to think about “what to read” and “how to read” in a way that satisfies a “joy of reading” that is both cultural and for purposes other than function.

The champion was Ba Abu from Senegal. Congratulations!

There were 11 participants on-site and 17 online for a total of 28. Thank you all for participating.

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