The discussion involved questions that might be a sore spot for some people, including why Japanese university students have a lower sense of purpose, how some of the exchange students couldn’t imagine sleeping during lectures, and why the number of students who use the library is so low.

At the same time, they also discussed the greatness and reliability of Japanese transportation and how you could walk alone at night and feel safe, which was a major reason for some of the panelists to choose Japan as a place to study overseas.

As with all university students thinking about future plans and employment, there were some panelists with a very clear sense of purpose and those who were just taking advantage of the opportunities available to them in the present.

After the discussion, the exchange students had tea time with the participants and staff. There were still many questions that were asked by the participants to the five panelists.

Although a short time, it truly felt like an international exchange between people of all ages.

This event was held in cooperation with Yokohama International Student House.

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