Participants were also able to make name cards in Polish, but rather than changing the names phonetically into Polish, the names were translated using the meaning of the kanji, which made for some very fun name cards.

The first half of the lecture had many different patterns of the Polish language that caused the participants to feel overwhelmed because of the difficulty, but as the session went on, Ms. Bozena’s  creative and enthusiastic explanations helped participants have fun and understand a bit more about the language.

During the break, everyone enjoyed some Polish sweets.

The second half covered some World Heritage sites, famous historical buildings, and wonderful natural features in Poland, and participants had the chance to take a quiz about Poland.

The session was a little under 2 hours, but through Ms. Bozena’s creative and eager presentation and explanations, participants were able to take the first step in learning the Polish language and deepen their understanding about the country, which has definitely influenced some of them to want to visit Poland.

We would like to thank the Polish Tourism Board and the Polish Public Relations and Culture Center (established as a commemorative project for the 100 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Poland) for their cooperation.


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