[India] Joshi Abhijit (6 years in Japan)
“India’s Fate”
I will talk about politics in India, both past and present. India changed in 2014.
The new Prime Minister cut off corruption and deepened relations with other countries,
which has given Indians a sense of national pride.
[China] Zheng Chonghui (2 years, 1 month in Japan)
“Differences between Japan and China from my point of view”
When you compare Japanese and Chinese men, a distinction for me is that a lot of Japanese men have long hair.
And if you look at Japanese women, you can often see them wearing short skirts even in the cold of winter.
I’ll talk about more differences like this.
[Taiwan] Yu Tingya (2 years in Japan)
“I grew up watching Japanese anime”
When I was in kindergarten, my father gave me “Sailor Moon” stationary – a memory that stands out the most about that time. In the anime “Chūka Ichiban”, there’s a line that young people in Taiwan still use today – 「だからそのタレはどこ」(Translation: “So where is that sauce?”). Since coming to Japan, I watch anime in Japanese for listening practice.
7 Lya
[China] Zhao Mengcun (1 year, 6 months in Japan)
“Learn about China through Historical Tales”
I will talk about the relationship with the Japanese through history.
I thought that learning about each other through games and literature was a good way to build an understanding as neighbouring countries.  
9 Joshi
[Russia] Terekhin Sergei (6 months in Japan)
“The Reason Why I Like Japan”
When I was a child, I watched the “Pokemon” anime. I learned more about Japan from there. Samurai and ninja are the most interesting part for me. Japan also has many interesting festivals. Japanese people are kind, and Japanese food is delicious. My dream is to live in Japan and work for a game company. I want to study Japanese so that I can enter a company.
[China] Zhang Aohan (1 year, 1 month in Japan)
“Do you like beer? Daytime Beer Market”
This summer, I sold beer as an intern at a Chinese branch of Budweiser.
The Chinese lager “Tsingtao beer” is 75 yen per can, and the bitter but flavorful ale “Goose Island” is 400 yen per can, so there’s a difference in price between the two. Why not try an ale with the scent of citrus and flowers?
12 Xu Haiyan
[Vietnam] Le Thi Thuy (1 year, 4 months in Japan)
“Hurry – stand up by yourself!”
I’ll talk about types of child training in Japan and Vietnam. When a child at a park tripped on a rock and fell,
Japanese mother said “Hurry – stand up by yourself! Count to 3, and mama will leave.”
After that, the child stopped crying and stood up! Isn’t that amazing?
    [India] Joshi Mannjusha (6 years in Japan)
    Participated in the 2018 Speech Event.
      Click here.
       Ms. Ayako Kishine
       Kanrin Japanese School


  (Left) Mr. Yusuke Okada, Deputy Mayor of Aoba Ward
  (Right) Mr. Hajime Tsubouchi, Director of Yamauchi Chiku Center
   Acapella performance by “Beagle” from Kokugakuin University