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We visited Tsuzuki Open-Air Folk House Museum 

Saturday Japanese class

Date: February 23 (Sat) from 1pm to 3pm

38 members including classmates, their families, and volunteers participated in the tour on a fine day. We spent fun time watching Hina dolls and experiencing tea preparation. We asked Ms Ying who came to Japan about 6 months ago to interview our members.

Fuang Kou (China)

 I have been intersted in Japanee tea ceremony and a tea ceremony house and read books about a tea ceremony house. This time, through experiencing tea ceremony, I could understand that there are mamy ingenious attempts such as disigning of a tea house and an alley way in order to treat guests to enjoy tea pleasantly. This was a happy experience.

Chiai Tamura (China)

Last weekend, I attended Hina doll event with my family. We saw an old Japanese house which is more than 100 years old.  We experienced tea ceremony and enjoyed tasty Maccha.  We learned Japanese history, culture, and the sprits of tea ceremony. We had wonderful experience. Thak you very much. 



This is the self introduction of the interviewer. Please click the photo.


 Kou Kanrei


This is the interview with Kou and Kanrei


This is the interview with Yumisan( from Korea, 4 month stayed)


This is the inteview with Mikhail

The interview is in English.



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