Japanese speech event 2018 You can watch the video of it.

2018 Japanese speech event by Japanese learners of Japanese class was held at Yamauchi Community Center in Azamino on November 23.
13 students from 5 countries participated.. 
We also enjoyed Fula dance by the members of “KAIMANAHILA”.
Co-host: Aoba Ward Office, Yokohama City
     :Yokohama City, Yamauchi Community Center 
Please click the picture of a performer, then you can watch Video clip of the speech. 
1 Deng Dian[China]  Deng Dia   (staying in Japan for 3 years and 10 months) 
“Heaven for singles”
I think foreign people feel that Japan is the easy place for singles to live. 
In China, it is common to move in groups.  
 However, I learned that business for singles is thriving in Japan.  I will talk about it.  
2 Xu Jiaying[China]  Xu Jiaying    (staying in Japan for 4years and 6 months) 

“China where no purse is necessary”

Mobile payment is surging rapidly in China.  It is called WeChat pay.  
Making payment without a purse is a routine now.
Even in Japan the same trend is beginning to happen.
I will tell you about the life in China without a purse. 
[China]   Hu Yue    (staying in Japan for 11 months)

“I got used to the life in Japan.”

When I came to Japan, I couldn’t speak Japanese well and
climate and dietary habit of Japan is quite different from those of Shenyang, my home town.
As the result, I often got sick. Recently I can spend every day in a sense of satisfaction, studying Japanese and communicating with Japanese through my hobby of making bread.

4 Tran
[Vietnam]    Tran Thi Phuong Diem    (staying in Japan for 4 years and 10 months)
“Convenient Japanese”
Though I have been in Japan for more than 4 years, I started studying Japanese one year ago.
The reason why I started studying Japanese is because I happened to find a book about the history of Kanji character.
While I was studying, I found that the grammar of Japanese language is more convenient than that of English.
Today I want to talk about it.
5 Fletcher
[USA]     Fletcher Joshua Hikaru   (staying in Japan for 7 months)
“How to enjoy the life.”
It is important for us to accept the moment of our life.
When it is sad or happy, cry as you should. It is also important to have several hobbies. 
Speaking casually to the people you see every day is also important.  
Your one word might make someone’s life comfortable. 
6 Kan YuYu
[Taiwan]   Kan Yuyu     (staying in Japan for 2 years)
 “Significance of taking a photo”
I first took a photo when I went on the school excursion of the elementary school. 
I learned Japanese culture relating to Japanese climate and history through my favorite hobby of taking photos. 
Taking photos means a lot in my life, because photos are the record of my memory and the proof of my living.
7 Lya
[Indonesia]     Lya Hulliyyatus Suadaa   (staying in Japan for 1 year and 6 months)
“Travel of Seishun 18 unlimited train ticket”
My family traveled last winter using Seishun 18 ticket. 
Since we don’t have snow in Indonesia, we planned to go to Kanazawa.
When we arrived at Kanazawa station, we were welcomed by snow shower. 
I made a snowman at Shirakawago.  Since the ticket allow us to travel on only local trains, it took long time but was fun. 
8 Eddo
[Indonesia]   Eddo Erri Rufi Inawan    (staying in Japan for 2) years
 “My life in Japan”
I am working for a painting company as a technical intern. 
I am working very hard to learn painting technique every day though the work is very tough. 
 I am Muslim; therefore I can eat only Halal cuisine. 
I buy foodstuffs carefully in Japan and cook them by myself. 
9 Joshi
[India]  Joshi Manjushe, JoshiAnisha    (staying in Japan for 5 years)
“Is Japanese language similar to Marathi?”
I have been in Japan for 5 years.
While studying Japanese, I found there are some similarities between Japanese and Marathi
which is the language of the state I grew up. 
In this speech, I would like to tell you some similar sentence styles and proverbs of Marathi.  
10 Selva Kumaran
[India]  Selva Kumaran    (staying in Japan for 1 year 5 months)
“About difference of culture”
I have been in Japan for a little more than one year.   
I am working for a German manufacture. 
 I want to talk my findings about differences and similarities of culture, human behavior and customs between Japan and India. 

11 Nguyen Thi Lanh
[Vietnam]    Nguyen Thi Lanh   (staying in Japan for 2 year and 5 months )
“I progressed through nursery care work in Japan.” 
I came to Japan to study nursery care work which is not yet known in Vietnam. 
At the beginning, I couldn’t work in a proactive way and communicate with senior people well. 
Owing to the suggestions of senior colleagues and elderly people,
now I can plan the work by myself and communicate with people in the facility. 
12 Xu Haiyan
[China]     Xu Haiyan   (staying in Japan for 1 year 3 months)
“Difference of child-raising in China from that in Japan”
I’ve been in Japan for one year.  I want tell you about the child-raising I experienced in two countries. 
In China, 70% of child-raising are supported by grandparents. 
In this speech I will tell you some examples.   
On the other hand, I think parents do most of child-raising in Japan. 
Shikai Zhao
Coodinator :
 [China]  Zhao Yanan    (staying in Japan for 2years 7 months)
Ms. Ayako Kishine, Kanlin Japanese School
Guest of honor:    
Mr.Yusuke Okada, Vice director of Aoba ward
Attraction show : 
Fula dance by the members of “KAIMANAHILA”