67th Afternoon tea

“Invitation to French cuisine culture”

Date: October 27(Sat), 2018 from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross- Cultural Center Room 5

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Guest speaker: Ms. Benedicte Mehl

Ms. Benedicte Mehl came to Japan in 1994 and worked for a food and beverage company. Realizing her dream to teach French home cuisine which was one of her good memories of her childhood, she opened her own atelier and has been holding many lectures such as French home cuisine, gastronomy, table manner, and gourmet tour.

On October 27 (Sat), it turned out to be a very fine day though the weather forecast said it would be a rainy day and 66 people including 14 staffs attended the lecture.

“French cuisine culture” declared as “world intangible heritage” in 2010 is of strong interest for Japanese people and attendants listened eagerly to the lecture of Ms. Venedicte Mehl. 

  After her self-introduction, she made her presentation of “French meals of a day”, “preparation of meals — welcome to French kitchen”, “table coordination and table manner”, and “recent popular food concept” in fluent Japanese, using screen images and exhibited materials.

At quiz time, some answers were different from our understanding, which made us surprised and impressed. 

At tea time, typical French cake “gateau chocolat” made by Ms. Benedicte Mehl was served and we all enjoyed the delicious taste.

At Q & A time, though there were some difficult questions, 2 hours had passed very quickly in warm atmosphere. 

We were impressed by the depth of French cuisine culture and could understand the food custom at French family and importance of it.

We appreciate all participants.

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