The Saturday Japanese class had a social event.  33 people including class mates, their families, and volunteers participated. 
We enjoyed watching various Hina dolls and wearing a traditional Japanese kimono coat, the Haori, with the help of the kimono club members. 
We also enjoyed tea at the tea ceremony house,.
Students’ impression
Hu Yue   (China)
Tsuzuki Minka-en was a very big old house. It’s very thick straw roof was impressive. Inside the house we could see many tools in Edo era and Hina dolls and hanging dolls from the Meiji era to the Heisei era. 
We could feel deep love of parents who made those dolls putting their love in each stitch. I was really impressed.
In addition, I could experience formal Japanese tea ceremony.  I was calmed down in the simple but elegant atmosphere though sitting with my legs folded under me was hard for me.  
I found the beauty of Japanese traditional culture through Hina doll festival and tea ceremony.
This was a wonderful experience for us from foreign countries. 
Isupova Alisa (her husband on her right) ( Russia)
 It was very interesting! Thank you very much!
I like the old Japanese architectures.  I enjoyed watching the doll festival decorations and trying Japanese kimono.  I also tried tea ceremony.  It was fun.
 Geraldine Constant (USA)
I enjoyed the Japanese class social event.  I drank tea and ate anko, sweet bean paste.  Sitting with my legs folding under me was painful.  I cut bamboos. They gave me a cup and chopsticks. 
 Beltran Javier  (Nicaragua)
This was the second time for me to experience tea ceremony and doll festival. 
It was a very good experience.
The old Japanese house was interesting and full of fun for me.  Green tea tasted bitter and I couldn’t drink much but this extraordinary experience refreshed me.  I enjoyed the cultural exchange.
I think it is important to know Japan well in order to get along with Japanese society.    


Tea set
for tea ceremony