Isupova Alisa (her husband on her right) ( Russia)
 It was very interesting! Thank you very much!
I like the old Japanese architectures.  I enjoyed watching the doll festival decorations and trying Japanese kimono.  I also tried tea ceremony.  It was fun.
 Geraldine Constant (USA)
I enjoyed the Japanese class social event.  I drank tea and ate anko, sweet bean paste.  Sitting with my legs folding under me was painful.  I cut bamboos. They gave me a cup and chopsticks. 
 Beltran Javier  (Nicaragua)
This was the second time for me to experience tea ceremony and doll festival. 
It was a very good experience.
The old Japanese house was interesting and full of fun for me.  Green tea tasted bitter and I couldn’t drink much but this extraordinary experience refreshed me.  I enjoyed the cultural exchange.
I think it is important to know Japan well in order to get along with Japanese society.    


Tea set
for tea ceremony