2016 Japanese speech event by Japanese language class students was held at Yamauchi
Community Center in Azamino on Nov. 27, 2016
12 students from 8 countries participated at the event.
Co-host: Aoba Ward Office, Yokohama City
Nguyen Thi Tam(from Vietnam, staying in Japan for 5 years)
“Gratified experience”
One day, when I lived in Kyoto, I got on the bus without my wallet.
When I was in difficulty to get off the bus, a girl beside me gave me a coupon ticket.
I told about it to my co-worker, then she gave me a ticket for my return way.
 I thought how kind they were.
Lin Yingchen(from China staying in Japan for 1 year)
“Difference in child-raising”
Chinese children spend most of their time for studying without having any time to play.
In Japan, I feel that children learn a lot through playing.
I have to consider how to balance study time and play time for my children. 
Wen Limei(from Hong Kong, China, staying in Japan for 1 year)
“Japanese is difficult”
Learning Japanese is difficult.  Even if I understand the meaning of Kanji character, I sometimes make a mistake in using it.
Pronunciation of prolonged sound, contracted sound, dull sound are very difficult too*.  I am studying singing a song to improve these sounds.
 Let’s practice Japanese hard so that we can enjoy the life in Japan. 
* Prolonged : カー、オー(kah,oh) , Contracted:キャ、キュ、キョ(kya,kyu,kyo), Dull:ガ、ダ、ザ、バ(ga,da,za,ba)
Yuan Qianying(from China, staying in Japan for 8 months)
 “Why there is less traffic jam in Japan?”
Traffic jam in China is far heavier than that in Japan.
In Japan, parking on the side of the road is generally illegal and there are many parking lots using open spaces.
We should promote the traffic rules and making parking lots first in China.
Fujita Duangkamol(from Thailand, staying in Japan for 1 year)
 “The custom of Thailand, different from that of Japan”
In Thailand, we have meals basically at a food stall or in a restaurant, whereas people in Japan cook and eat meals mostly at home.  
In Thailand, we season food when we eat, but in Japan, we eat without seasoning at the table.
We cannot say which is better.
It is important to understand the custom and respect it.  
Armelia Melkias(from Indonesia, staying in Japan for 2 years)
“My hometown Bandung”
Bandung where I was born is the capital of West Java state of Indonesia and the fourth largest city in Indonesia.
There are historical buildings and you can enjoy gourmet foods and hot spring.
Please go and see there.
I want to visit many places while I am in Japan.  
Usmani Kamran(from Pakistan, staying in Japan for 19 years)
“Japanese in Roman character”
When I came to Japan, I didn’t have time to study Japanese.
I learned Japanese through watching TV, listening to my friends and using Roman character.
Now I understand Japanese, but I have had funny experiences too.  
Please study the difference of pronunciation between "r" and "l" correctly.
Chen Zhengjun(from China, staying in Japan for 1 year)
“I want to be a pastry chef of Japanese cake”.
I wanted to be a pastry chef since I was a child.  After I traveled to Kyoto, I decided to be a pastry chef of Japanese cake.  
The result of a long life experience can be explained in Japanese cakes.
I quit my job and came to Japan to study Japanese.  
I will enter a pastry school next spring.  I am getting closer to my dream.  
Yong Jiawei(from China, staying in Japan for 3 years)
“Impression of Mountain climbing in Japan”
We can enjoy attractive Japanese culture in the nature away from the crowd.  
Climbers carry garbage bags and going down climbers give way to climbers going up and exchange words.  
In mountain climbing, going down is important because it secures your accomplishment.
In our life, to secure our accomplishments is very important.  This impression will be my lifelong treasure. 
Sun Myunghyo(from Korea, staying in Japan for 4 years)
“How to live your own unique life”
After reading the novel “Convenience store man”, I realized that I have the same problem as the man in the novel.
But I found it not exciting and pleasant only to worry about how people look at me.  
I want to live my own life vividly with a pride. 
Huang Xiaoqiao(from Taiwan, staying in Japan for 1 year)
“Something I found in Japan”
I work for a Japanese company.  
I found differences from Taiwan in greeting manner, calmness in the train, and attitude of being “always yes”.  
But there are tasty foods, and variety of goods.  
Toilet is very comfortable.  I like the town too.  Please come to Taiwan. 
Tony Garner (from England, staying in Japan for 1 year)
“Children’s book”
I often read children’s books because I have a daughter who is two year and 9 month old.
So I can understand the Japanese culture well.
In “Kasajizo (Capped Ksitigarbha)” story, Ksitigarbha moves as if it were a human being, which would be very scary for people in Europe.
But in this story it is not. I guess this is because of the difference of culture. 
Chaired by: 
Mr. Neil Hasegawa Yates (from England, staying in Japan for 20 years) and
Ms. Geraldine Tsuyuki (from USA, staying in Japan for 25 year)
Guest of honor: Mr. Toshimi Ohno (vice director of Aoba ward) 
Commentator: Ms. Ayako Kishine of Hanlin Japanese School 
1. Karate performance by Ms. Noriko Kobayashi and her children
2.Chorus by Harmony Swan
    “Furusato no shiki (four seasons in homeland”(Japanese school song)