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Discussion in Plain English No.38
Date: June 5 (Sun) from 2pm to 4pm
Place; Aoba Community and Cross Cultural Center Rm5
Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge
Subject: “Good Technique to study English”
Guest speakers
  Ms.Angie Nagam
                                              Mr.Mike Graff
We had two teachers of English conversation class of our lounge.   They told us technique of improving English conversation skill which they derived from their long experience of teaching English conversation to Japanese.  After the presentation, we had discussion about it.
Ms. Angie suggested us to broaden the conversation by picking up a theme related to one’s hobby so that one can enjoy talking.  
Mr. Mike suggested us to look at the mouth of a native speaker carefully while speaking and imitate it since English pronunciation is difficult for Japanese.  It is important to repeat it and remember.
Though the techniques that two speakers told us seemed to be simple, they were sobering points for those who are learning English conversation.


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