The 60th afternoon tea
“Spain which everyone wants to know.”
Date: July 16 (Sat) from 2pm to 4pm
Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center, room 5
Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Guest speaker: Ms. BEGOÑA  GONZALEZ  AFUERA.
She is from Madrid Spain. She studied archaeology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and then engaged in archaeological work in Galicia, north of Spain, for 6 years. She came to Japan in 2012 being interested in the language which is not in Europe.  Now she teaches Spanish at Yokohama Spain Association and at Japanese universities.
This time, she told us about “Spain which everyone wants to know”, such as the history of Spain, life and culture in Madrid using many slides.
The room was packed to the capacity with 50 attendees (including 2 foreigners), 14 staffs, and support students from USA, since Spain is the country which many Japanese are interested in.  As an archaeologist, she told us cultural transition made by migration of different ethnic people in detail.  We could understand the history of establishment of Spain well.  We also learned that some of our lifestyle habits today are originated in Spain, which we did not know.  We were very much impressed and satisfied to know them.  
After we enjoyed a break with tea and Spanish cakes, we had Q/A session.  She answered to every question politely.  With deeper understanding, our interest in Spain was enhanced.  We, host staffs were very happy to know that all attendees spent pleasant and valuable times.

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