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Tokyo Institute of Technology students from Indonesia played Angklung, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia, on the stage of Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center Festival on November 29, 2015.   
They also participated in ethnic costume show of the festival.
Half of the students learned Angklung after their coming to Japan. Indonesian heritage is passed down to younger generation even in Japan.
They played “Crayon Shinchan” (3minute), a theme song of a popular cartoon, and “Hanawasaku” (flowers keep blooming), a charity song for 311 earthquake victims (5minutes).
Please click Youtube mark mark below, then you can listen to Angklung. 
Indonesian students in Bali costume,
Ms. Chang feng from Vietnam of Thursday Japanese class in ao dai,
and Mr. Tse Ring from Bhutan of Saturday Japanese class in Bhutanese costume participated in the show.