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"School Communication Supporters (SCS) Service" PDF

What exactly is SCS Service?
Acting as a liaison between home-room teachers and foreign students' parents and/or guardians.
They perform volunteer interpreting and translating services to help teachers and parents/guardians communicate when teachers hand out school information such as notification letters or guidance letters to families.
They also help families transmit opinions and requests to schools.

How exactly does SCS Service work?
Target Schools: Aoba-area elementary schools , junior high schools and nurseries
   * Schools and nurseries will submit the application form to Aoba Lounge.
Potentioal registrants: Language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge will be invited to SCS training program and SCS registration. SCS registrants will work continuously with the same families.
Term of service program: One Year (renewal)
Cost: service is free
Pre-arranged meeting for matching families and volunteers will be held either at the school or at a family's home.

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