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Information Files" Guide 

* Useful Information about daily life is available in“Information Files.”

*All materials are in the file-binders, sorted according to the subject.

*You will find them on the shelves in the Book Section.

* Some materials not in the filed-binders are lined up next to them.

*To search for materials, please use the User’s Guide

* You are also free to use Personal Computer in the Lounge to search for materials.


Information File USER’S GUIDE

Please enjoy free access to Daily life Information files.

Look for your necessary files, or just browse in the library.

*“ INFORMATION FILES” are classified into 8 file-binders according to LASSIFICATION TABLE below.

*You can borrow any Information Materials which are labeled [BB]. Please contact the staff at the reception desk.

*Copy Service is available: one copy of any size paper costs ten yen. Ask the reception staff.

*After using a file, please put it back where it’s supposed to be.

All materials are filed under the following Daily Life Info CLASSIFICATION.