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Closed on the 4th Sundays of every month 
and New Years Holidays

Saturday Japanese class visited Tsuzuki Open-Air Folk House Museum on 23, February, yu can see it video from Japanese class--> Japanese class exchange +++ +++



Aoba Lounge News No 108 is available now.
You can get it at Aoba International Lounge counter or at PR box of train stations.
It was also delivered as a circular of neighborhood community association in Aoba Ward.

You can read it at this site too.   Click here





For foreign parents

We will explain what to do when your children suddenly get sick. 

It is free to attend this seminar.


For details,click here.



Application is accepted for 2019 Foreign Language Classes

How about stepping into international exchange activity by studying foreign languages!

2019 Language Classes

  1. English conversation for beginners
  2. English conversation for intermediate learners
  3. Italian for beginners
  4. Chinese for beginners
  5. Spanish for beginners (a new class)


Application must arrive by December 25 (Monday)

For more detail, please click here 

The Wednesday Japanese class starts 15 minutes earlier than the present time schedule.

Wednesday class 10:15 ~ 11:45        

 New students should check-in by 10:00

 For details, click here.