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at76flyer【Multicultural Introduction】

In order to deepen relations between people all over the world, we will invite guests from different countries to talk about the culture, history, nature, and other topics related to their home countries in Japanese.

For this event, there will be a lecture in Japanese about why people from India are strong at math.

76th Afternoon Tea,

“Why are people from India strong at math?”

◆Date: 19 March 2023 (Sun), 1:30~3:00PM (doors open at 1:15)

◆Guest Speaker: Ms. Joshi Manjusha

See here for the flyer

See here for the page in Japanese



A few spots have opened for new applicants to join Japanese Language Classes

For the Wednesday class, before being placed, the teacher will speak to you over the phone. You will be placed with other students who are at a similar Japanese language level. You may not be able to join if there are many applicants.

There are no spots available for  the Thursday class.

There are no spots available for the Saturday class.


Please see here.

Apply to: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

Phone: 045-989-5266 
Emai l: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Are you interested in Japanese Language Supplementary Classes for Kids?

We can teach young students if they are having trouble with their Japanese language studies.                

We can even provide individualized support for each student with homework from school.

The number of volunteer teachers has increased, so we are now able to accept more students.

See here for more details.


 When using the lounge, please comply with the following measures

・Aoba International Lounge will be open regular hours.

・When using the lounge, please comply with the following measures:

   ‐Wear a mask
   ‐Disinfect with hand sanitizer (available at the entrance)
   ‐Temperature check (you cannot enter if your temperature measures over 37.5°C)
   ‐Keep your distance from other people (2 meters)

Please do not use the facility if you’re experiencing a fever or other symptoms. In addition to these rules, please adhere to the usage guidelines of the Cross-cultural center.

・Notice regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Click here!

Distance between people = limiting human contact = Physical distancing
It seems that WHO has changed their definition from social distancing to the term above.