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topics201912se jpnHosted by Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

100th Anniversary of Japan-Poland Diplomatic Relations

In cooperation with: Polish National Tourism Office

4th Languages of the World 1 Day Course

  Polish (JĘZYK  POLSKI)

Date: 14 December 2019 (Sat), 2:00-4:00PM

Location: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center

Capacity: 40 people (apply by phone/FAX/E-mail from November 11th); first come, first served

Fee: 500 yen (200 yen for students)

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Application is accepted for 2019 Foreign Language Classes

How about stepping into international exchange activity by studying foreign languages!

2019 Language Classes

  1. English conversation for beginners
  2. English conversation for intermediate learners
  3. Italian for beginners
  4. Chinese for beginners
  5. Spanish for beginners (a new class)


Application must arrive by December 25 (Monday)

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