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65th Afternoon tea

”My Ghana, my Japan”

Date: February 24 (Sat), 2018 from 2pm to 4pm

Place: Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center room 5

Capacity: 40 (first come base)

Fee: 400yen (includes tea and cake)

Application: Accepted from January 11 (Thu), 2018

Host: Yokohama Aoba International Lounge

What do you recall when you hear “Ghana”, Gold coast, cocoa, or Dr. Hideo Noguchi who died in Ghana infected by yellow fever?

We will have Mr. Tony Justice who came to Japan in 1991 from Ghana as a guest speaker at 65th afternoon tea.

He will tell us history, culture, and nature of Ghana. He will also tell us about his activities both in Ghana and in Japan, This lecture will be held in Japanese.

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